Custom Fields

How to Use Custom Fields in Your Contacts

Updated: Sep 21, 2023 12:42 PM

Understanding Custom Fields

  • Custom fields are used to store owner information and property information.
  • Custom fields are located on your contact cards.

Accessing Custom Fields within a Contact Card

  1. Navigate to Contacts in the menu pane.
  2. Open a desired contact to display the contact's card.
  3. In the left column, you will see blue sections titled Contact, General Info, Additional Info, etc.  To expand or collapse a section, click on the arrow to the left of the title.  These sections represent Folders.
  4. Each Folder contains specific Custom Fields related to the contact's information. Examples of custom fields within a folder include street address, city, and county.

    Understanding Pre-populated Custom Fields

    • The custom fields in your account have been created and pre-populated based on our suggested usage.
    • These pre-populated custom fields are designed to help you organize and store relevant information effectively.

    Customizing Custom Fields

    • Ultimately, how you use and organize custom fields and folders is up to you.
    • You have the flexibility to create additional custom fields or modify existing ones to suit your specific needs.
    • Click here to read about Organizing Custom Fields into Folders.

    Remember that Custom Fields provide a way to personalize and structure your contact cards based on the information you find important. Customization and organization are key to maximizing their utility.