Editing Custom Fields

How to update your Custom Fields?

Updated: December 28,2023

Understanding Your Pre-populated Custom Fields

  • There are custom fields in your account that have been created and pre-populated based on your suggested usage.
  • These pre-populated custom fields are designed to help you organize and store relevant information effectively.
  • You have the flexibility to create additional custom fields or Edit existing ones to suit your specific needs but there are a handful of Defaulted Customs Fields that cannot be Edited.

To Edit Existing Custom Fields,

  1. Navigate to Settings in the menu pane and then Custom Fields.
  2. In the first tab, All Fields, you will see all the Custom Fields that have been created for your account.
  3. Type the name of the Custom Field that you want to Edit on the Search bar.
  4. Check the box beside the Custom Field you want to edit.
  5. Click the Bulk Action in blue button.
  6. Hit Edit (pencil icon).
  7. Click Save to save all your changes.

When selecting a Custom Field to edit, if the Edit option is greyed out that means it is a Default Custom Field that can not be changed.