Gmail Email 2-way Sync

Connect your Gmail Email for 2-way sync integration.


Updated: 19 April 2024

What is Two-Way Sync

  • Any email sent directly from the integrated email account, so long as the contact existed in Vintory, would automatically pull into the conversation section of the contact. 
  • All subsequent messages in the email thread will be in sync. Outbound emails sent from your personal email will start reflecting in the CRM and vice versa.
    • Please note: Attachments of up to 3 MB size work across this sync, any attachments larger than this size will cause the message to not sync over.

Steps to connect

  1. Navigate to the Settings page. Go to the Profile tab and scroll down to the section titled Email (2-way sync).

    2 way sync

  2. Select Gmail, your email provider & click on Connect.

    2 way sync

  3. Complete the authorization by selecting or entering your Gmail email ID credentials.

    Choose an account


  4. Approve for permissions requested for LeadConnector.

    Allow permissions

  5. On the profile page, scroll back down to the section titled Email (2-way sync) to view your email in the connected status.

    2 way sync connected

Note: Enabling this feature will pull internal emails between your team into the Conversations tab.