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Customizing in-App Notifications

Decide which notifications you would like to receive through the Vintory system.

Updated: April 11, 2024

You can find your in-app notifications at the top from any screen by clicking on the orange bell icon. This displays various activities and updates related to your account.  In App Notifications

Accessing Your Notification Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings in the menu pane and then click on the My Profile section.
  2. Along the top menu bar, select the Notifications tab.

Selecting Notification Types

  1. Within the Notifications menu, you will see different types of notifications available: In-App, Email, and SMS.  Focus on the in-app notifications for this guide.
  2. Review the list of topics such as conversation notifications and task notifications.
  3. Decide which topics you want to receive in-app notifications for.  Check the corresponding boxes next to them to enable the notifications.
  4. After selecting the desired notification boxes, click on the Save button to save your preferences.
  5. Your in-app notifications are now set up and ready to go.

Note: You can revisit the notifications menu at any time to modify your notification preferences by following these steps.