Create Custom Folders

Learn to create a custom folder.

Updated: Sep 21, 2023 12:44 PM


Reviewing the Existing Custom Fields and Folders
  1. Navigate to Settings in the menu pane and then Custom Fields.
  2. In the first tab, All Fields, you will see all the Custom Fields that have been created for your account.  Familiarize yourself with the different fields listed.
  3. Click on the second tab, Folder. Click on a folder to view the fields that are associated with it. This will help you understand which specific data or information is stored within that specific folder.

Creating Folders

  1. Click on the second tab called Folders. If you haven't created any folders yet, you can view the existing folders in your account (Contact, General Info, Additional Info)

  2. To create a new folder, click on Add Folder.

  3. Enter in a folder name and click Save.

  4. If desired, you can adjust the order in which the folders appear on the contact card. Look for three horizontal lines or a similar icon next to the folder name. Click and hold this icon, then drag the folder to the desired position. (You can also repeat this process for the specific custom fields within each folder.)
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